The Company 

M&W Group

The M&W Group, which has been based in Mannheim since 1985, is a global company that offers services in both complementary areas of trade fairs/advertising and congresses/events with M&W Messe- und Werbeservice GmbH and M&W Congress GmbH.

The core business of M&W Messe- und Werbeservice GmbH is all about the fair. By now we have been active in national and international trade fair construction for over 30 years. Exhibition stands, exhibition rooms, exhibits, presentation systems are designed and built for trade fairs of all kinds. M&W Messe- und Werbeservice GmbH takes over from storage through care and shipping, also the entire logistics chain of all customer stand components and advertising materials. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified employees, CAD experts and graphic designers who not only plan and implement your project in detail, but also lead it to success. Close cooperation with first-class designers and graduated architects with a doctorate is self-evident for us to set effective accents. This provides the customer with a complete, well-rounded portfolio from the structure and design to the organization and execution of trade fairs, congresses and events of all kinds – at any desired location.


In 1985, the 23-year-old business student, Markus Lothring decided to found the sole proprietorship M&W Messe- und Werbeservice. Together with his 22-year-old companion, Ulrike Lothring, who takes over office administration, the two prove themselves as a successful duo.

In 1995 the sole proprietorship M&W Messe- und Werbeservice transforms into a limited liability company (GmbH). The newly founded GmbH attracts new competent employees from other areas. The skills and competences of M&W’s already existing team of employees have also grown. Therefore, in 2013 they decided to expand the business area to congresses and events. At this time, M&W already operates trade fair construction worldwide with on-site partners. The M&W team is mastering the challenges of the new business areas and increasing the number of customer orders. Two years later congresses, events and events become a core business in/with its own GmbH/LLC.

In the same year, Julian Lothring, son of the founder, takes over M&W Messe- und Werbeservice GmbH as managing director.

By the end of 2016 the old premises become too tight/small for the M&W Group. Increased employee numbers and increased storage requirements make a relocation inevitable. After a long search, the new corporate headquarters for the M&W Group will be located in September 2016 on the island of Friesenheim with 5,000 m².



We, from the M&W Group, want to set standards in the field of exhibition construction and inspire our customers. In doing so, we attach great importance to sustainability. Only with sustainable behavior can we leave our children and grandchildren an intact ecological, social and economic structure and enable them to live a healthy life. We save resources through efficient planning and in which we utilize materials that are re-useable multiple times. We avoid the use of poorly disposable materials and the transports are also professionally planned to prevent unnecessary CO2 emissions. From material purchasing to environmentally friendly recycling, we keep on our mind maximum sustainability. We are convinced that even small changes can make a contribution. Together with our customers, we are committed to the environment and the next generation.